About Me

Find Ideas to Craft, Repurpose and Decorate

As I watch friends and family live their lives, the happiest people I know are ones that can get joyfully lost in a creative crafting project.

I hope this website brings joyful and creative inspiration to you!

Does your home feel Peaceful, Calm or Happy?

If your home doesn’t give you a good feeling, I want to encourage you to change that. Look through my budget friendly repurposing projects. Start thinking about the small or large changes you can do to improve your personal space.

What Colors do you Love?

Over the years, I tried out many color combinations in different homes. I found that I felt best surrounded by soft ocean shades of blue and green. A good thing about having a color pallet is you can rearrange from room to room. When I moved into my current home, most all my pictures and decorative items could be used anywhere through my house.

My decorating style ranges from Vintage to ShabbyChic!

Americana Shutter was a creative crafting project from an old shutter

Repurposed Shutter

Above is my Americana Shutter crafting project. The striped painting part was fairly easy, but I was not feeling so creative after trying to paint stars across the top. Instead, I used a star shaped paper punch and dark blue paper. My stars were then decoupaged in place. Sometimes you just need plan B when you’re creating a new project.

Upcycle Everything!

Old furniture can look new again with paint. Its an inexpensive way to coordinate furniture you may have grown tired of.

Bring out the sewing machine. Pillows and table runners are easy projects and a perfect way to add more of your favorite color.

Fabric is expensive, but think outside the box. Shower curtains, table clothes or drop cloths are very economical compared to buying fabric by the yard.

Get organized!

One of best ways I have found to spark some creative ideas is to reorganize my space. I’ve had to rearrange my craft room several times in order to find it’s best potential. It’s always worth the effort to get it just right.