Fabric Flower Candleholder Ring

Candle Holder Ring made from scrap fabric

I decided to create a flower fabric candleholder ring in various shades of white.

A small amount of scrap fabric, a button and some burlap are all that are needed. Burlap or a variety of fabric will add texture to your project.

fabric candleholder rings are an easy project

The blue candleholder pictured above I’ve had for years. The paint was originally green. I’ve changed it at least five times since then.

Still, it needed some type of decorative ring. The base of both my candleholders looked to big for the candles sitting on top of them. At least that’s what I saw with every with every passing glance.

Time to create a flower candleholder ring

Fabric Scraps

Starting out, I made a fabric flower.

I knew this little project would be just what my candle needed.

It was one of those little touches that only I would notice.

The best part is, I don’t look at it anymore obsessing how my candle is missing something.

Burlap Strips add texture to the project

I cut my burlap into three rectangular pieces. The sides and ends were shredded. This helps add additional texture to the bottom layer of the flower. With matching thread, I put a stitch in the center to hold the base together.

My preference is hand stitching but I know many of you find a glue gun quite handy!

Sliced Fabric is ready to roll up into a flower

Create fabric flowers for a variety of projects

This strip of fabric was approximately 12 inches long and 5 inches wide.

Just fold your fabric in half lengthwise and start cutting sections about 1/4 to 3/8 inch wide. Leave an uncut boarder of approximately 1/2 inch.

If you choose to make a large flower sew a quick hand stitch across the top to hold both layers in place as you roll it up.

Roll up fabric and begin making a flower.

roll your cut strip of fabric from one end to the other

Place a blob of hot glue on the rolled up end of fabric and set it on a small piece of felt or fabric. Trim to a small circle when the glue has dried. Now flatten your fabric from the center and add a button or use a much longer strip and roll it tight like a pompom.

Braided Fabric is used as the back of the candleholder ring

I choose to make a loose braid for the ring of the holder. Use strips of torn fabric to add some bulk to the ring.

The flower is chunky and looked balanced with the thicker band. The candleholder ring was hand stitched together.

cute fabric flower with a braided ring. this project is just adorable.

My shabby chic flower candle ring

Candleholder Ring make from scrap fabric burlap and a button

This flower has a bit of a different look then the one pictured above. Just by cutting the slots a little thicker this flower has a look of its own. Leave a piece of fabric hanging down the side of the candleholder.

For more then one candleholder ring, it’s fun to give then slightly different looks.

This is a simple fun project. Change the width or length of the fabric. You can roll two strips of different fabric together. Experiment and have fun!