DIY Coastal Side Table

Coastal side table – From Trashy to Terrific!

My coastal side table turned out to be a perfect addition to my living room. It was the a great solution for my evening crafting projects.

Coastal Table

Sitting there on my front porch was the perfect end table for a DIY project. Originally, I set it outside since my furniture had a different arrangement and it had nowhere to go. The paint never really appealed me. I had ordered the table on line many years ago. I didn’t want the hassle of a return so I ending up keeping it.

When the weather warmed up, I ventured outside to take a closer look!

weathered table from sitting out on the front porch. This table needs a DIY

The Top of My Table was Completely Trashed

The base and legs of the table were a nice solid wood. All they really needed was some light sanding and a few layers of paint.

The top of the table was a weathered disaster. If I wanted to repurpose it, I would need to add a layer of wood to hide the badly destroyed surface.

Weathered tabletop. This will need to be covered to use this side table inside the house

Sanding the table reveled the particle board wood used for the tabletop surface. It was spongy and crumbling. Not the true solid wood table I had originally purchased.

I cleaned up the table and filled the drawer pull with wood putty. The table was now prepared for a layer of paint.

The tabletop has become spongy and powder like since its so weathered

I painted the entire table white

Painting this table was simple, it took three coats for a nice surface. I also painted the top since It was an easy way to seal the table and prevent further damage.

Painted Table starting to take on a coastal look

At this point, my side table started to lend it’s self to a Coastal look

I pulled out my few random pieces of pallet wood. What I ended up using were some very old pieces of Oak. The wood varied a lot in thickness and width. The thickness of the boards needed to match, but I did use one board that was a different width. Since this table was for myself, I didn’t mind the pallet wood having a variety in the size.

Old wood has such a beautiful character, nail holes and all that can’t be found at the hardware store.

The length of wood was measured and cut for the tabletop. After I found the best fit for each board, I glued them in place with Liquid Nails. The table sat overnight before I added the finishing nails. I used a tiny drill bit to start the holes, the wood was so hard, I couldn’t pound a nail with just a hammer alone.

Once all the nails were set, I sanded the tabletop to even out the wood. The sander helped even out the surface where the boards sat side by side. I also sanded a bit on the painted legs and the frame of the table. The frame was in bad shape. Sanding it added a little farmhouse charm and looked much better then the uneven paint.

Adorable tabletop with all it’s imperfections!

Wood boards added to the table top. this will add to the look of coastal side table

How I created a Beachy look for the tabletop

I made a few sample boards on scrap wood before I actually painted the tabletop. I highly suggest you do the same if you DIY a project of this type. My first sample turned out really pretty, but the more I looked at it in my space, I knew I needed to rethink my paint colors.

Looking at my first choice of colors, completely changed my perspective. I had set out to mimic the colors in a small cabinet in the same room. As I worked with my new group of beachy paint colors, I realized what a mistake it would of been to add dark instead of light paint into my room.

I dragged a very dry paint brush across my wood for the first layer of paint

Blue layer of paint was used to start working on a beachy look

Second layer of paint was green and also added with a very dry paint brush. The grain of each piece of wood was very different.

What worked out really well was to use a paint brush and a damp cloth to spread the paint in some areas and remove excess paint in others.

Layer of green paint is added on to blend in with the blue ocean color

Before I decided my tabletop was complete, I went back and forth between sanding and reapplying paint. Each board had its own uniqueness which added to the beauty of this project.

The final layer of the table has a shade of green and two shades of blue paint. After I was happy with the color, I used a very small craft paint brush and lightly splattered fine drops of white paint on the surface.

Finished Beach Table with a super cute coastal finish

To finish this little coastal table, I sealed the paint with two layers of polyurethane.

I love my Beachy table with all it’s beautiful imperfections. This project cost me nothing to make. It pays to shop your home before you begin a new project!

Beachy Table -love the ocean colors
Adorable and imperfect Coastal Table

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