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Crate Shelves – DIY Kitchen Organization

Crate Organzier

I had two small crate shelves that sat in my closet for years. They had very odd sized compartments in which I never found a good use for. If they had been made of anything other then wood, I would of tossed them out a long time. ago.

Feeling overwhelmed by all the clutter on my kitchen counter, I remembered my little chunky crates.

Organizing the first Crate Shelf

As I arranged the wooden box, I was pleasantly surprised how well all my odd items worked their way onto my shelf.

The natural wood color looked awful in my white kitchen. I added a few layers of paint and it really helped the shelf to blend into the white refrigerator it sits in front of.

Empty Shelf Crate

In case you wonder why I don’t just hide all my vitamins inside a cupboard, I need them in front of my face to remember to take them.

An upright shelf on a kitchen or bathroom counter top works well if you lack space. Sometimes the last thing you want is another item on your counter top. I thought that at first, but, it worked out so well I’m happy to have it right where it is.

Organized Kitchen Crate

I admit, my shelf is a bit primitive looking! That’s just fine with me.

It cost nothing, I have reclaimed my counter and it has solved a kitchen storage problem.

Both of my crates were originally empty wooden boxes from upright succulent planters. If I had made them from scratch, I would of definitely used much thinner boards of wood.

Tea Bag Organizer

I needed to find a better way to stack my different size tea bag boxes. Freeing up the shelves they used was my last kitchen organizing challenge.

Well hello second little crate. The perfect storage solution for tea bags!

2nd Crate is in worse condition

Two layers of wrinkled decoupaged paper sat beneath the wooden shelves. It was not a pretty site!

Getting out the paper was a time consuming job. I sprayed it with water, let it sit to loosen up the glue and worked to pull out the majority of paper. Before I could paint, the inside of the box needed a good sanding.

This time I used white paint for the entire crate, inside and out. The imperfections were painted just as they were.

Designing Box

I had one sheet of paisley paper which I decopaged to the front of the shelves. To blend the paper with the wood, I dipped the very end of the paintbrush into the white paint and lightly dragged it across the paper. The paint and paper blended together with a final layer of sanding.

I wanted to add something to this shelf besides the paper and finally decided on the wood flower.

The little flower turned out to be a fun project. The easy part was gluing the paper to the wood. The detail part was carving out all the tiny spaces. I used orange wood sticks and an old fashioned emery board to work my way through all the paper.

Tea Box Storage