Drying Rose Petals

Rose from Garden ready for me to pick. I will be drying the rose petals.

Roses petals showing their glorious colors

This year I plan on drying a generous amount of rose petals. The best time to collect roses is when they are fully bloomed. This will make it easier to separate all the lovely delicate petals.

To begin drying your rose petals, gently pull the flower petals apart. If you are collecting petals to use in body care products, make sure that the plant or ground has not been sprayed with any type of chemical weedkiller.

Place your petals single layer on a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper

Separate all your petals so they are not touching each other. Overlapped petals become soggy instead of drying out. I got lazy after a few trays and didn’t spread out the petals like I should of. They ended up needing to be separated completely and put back in the oven one more time to fully dry.

Fresh Rose Petals before being dried.

Warm your oven to 170 degrees. When it’s fulled heated, Turn your oven off and place the tray of petals inside. Let your petals sit in the oven for about 30 -45 minutes.

As I pulled my tray from the oven, I could see that my petals had shrunk quite a bit. The colors were deeper while the petals had become thin and crisp.

Dried rose petals right out of the oven

My house smelled amazing during the drying process. I just kept reheating my oven, turning it off and adding another batch.

Here is a comparison of how the petals have changed during the drying process. Pinks have turned to rose while the lightest yellow became golden.

Fresh and dried rose petals. a comparison of colors.

Almond Oil infused with Rose Petals

Since I make skin care products, I couldn’t wait to infuse almond oil with the skin loving properties of the rose petal. It will be a wonderful addition to my beautiful soaps and lotions.

You don’t need to measure anything. Just fill a glass container with petals. Cover them with almond or any other lightweight oil of your choice.

Always make sure that your petals are completely dry. This is the most important step you can take. A moist petal can contaminate your batch of oil with bacteria.

Dried  rose petals infused in almond oi

Place your jar in a sunny window to let the infusion take place . Over time the oil will absorb the skin loving properties of the petals. Let this sit for about six weeks and gently shake it once a day. After that, strain it and place in a cool area out of the sun. Store it until you are ready to add it to your favorite skin care product. I used my oil in my rose oil lotion bars.

If you have a project you need to start right away, you can always simmer your rose oil on the stovetop. Always dry your petals before any type of oil infusion. Place your jar in a double boiler and let the infusion slowly simmer for a few hours. Strain you petals out with a sieve and your oil is ready to enjoy.