Jewelry Box Makeover

A beautiful Jewelry Box Makeover and a unique idea to use it for a sewing box!

As I worked on my jewelry box makeover I got the idea to turn it into an Adorable sewing Cabinet

When I first decided that I wanted to create my Jewelry Box makeover, I didn’t have a clue what I would use the beautiful wooden box for. I was attracted to the vintage style and started to collect a few boxes as I came across them.

This was a typical solid dark walnut jewelry box. I had repurposed it long before I decided to share my crafting ideas on a blog site. Another one of those situations (I’m embarrassed to say) I deleted the original pictures from my camera roll before I knew to pay for cloud storage.

 A Vintage Box Jewelry makeover and a great idea on what to use it for!

This beautiful vintage jewelry box is a square measuring 13″ by 13″. The depth is 5 inches wide. It’s not often that you will find a vintage box this large for sale. When I see these beauties now, they are set behind displays and usually overpriced.

Steps I took creating my Jewelry Box Makeover

With the help of a tiny screw driver, I removed every hinge and drawer pull on this box. As you will see on some of the photos, even the glass has tiny screws holding each piece tightly inside the wood door frames.

The necklace storage was behind the etched glass doors. Jewelry chains held from gold spinners attached above. The full length of the side compartments were completely open. I added the middle shelf before I stuffed my box full of sewing thread.

I cleaned and sanded every surface before I applied layers of paint. When I complete a wood project, my preference is usually flat or eggshell house paint. Polyurethane is a good choice to seal your finished project. You could certainly use chalk paint if you choose.

Part of the makeover of this  jewelry box  was using craft paper to fill the inside walls and top compartment

When you purchase a jewelry box, you will find the drawers and storage areas filled with fuzzy fabric ready to house rings and small jewelry items. In most of my boxes, I have pulled out the dated fabric. At times, it can be hard to remove. The glue has been sitting for years and can pull away at some of the wooden fibers.

Since I want my drawers useful, I clean up the old glue and fabric remains with sandpaper. The easiest way to finish out the interior is with a few layers of paint. I find decopaged paper is another good alternative if you enjoy a detailed finish.

The dental molding on this box adds to the beautiful vintage charm

Couldn’t resists, I sanded up the paint for my favorite ShabbyChic Farmhouse look.

I love this box and wanted to display it. It started out in my living room and moved around the house more then once. The first location it worked well was on my bathroom counter. It didn’t last long because it took up to much counter space. My other large jewelry box is still in my bathroom. I turned it into a wonderful storage cabinet for my essential oils!

Love my unique Sewing Box

My completed jewelry box box makeover into a Sewing Box

Rearranging my craft room turned into a much larger process then I had anticipated. As I worked toward my goal of hiding all the plastic containers inside the closet, I realized I could transfer my sewing supplies into the jewelry box.

What a great solution. Instead of my sewing supplied stuffed into a messy basket, I now had the drawers and shelves to organize the mess. Items I rarely use are stored in a box on the shelf below.

Surround yourself with things that make you happy and use them. I was able to get rid of an unattractive plastic sewing box. Think of all the different craft storage a box like this is good for. It could hold pens, pencils and paint brushes. How cute would this be stacked with spools of threads or laces. Beads, beading wire and tools would fit nicely. If you have worked hard on a project, find a great way to enjoy it!

Perfect Storage

This idea was working out great. Just one tiny unresolved issue. Where was I going to set my sewing box. As we know, there is always a solution to be found! Mine was to create a table just wide enough to hold my vintage box. Check out my barstool table to see how I created the perfect size table for my squishy little space.

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