Shelf Towel Rack for Bathroom

I was on the lookout for a small shelf towel rack for my bathroom. Actually, I should say I was thrift store browsing for a hand towel rack. It’s the perfect place for a DIYer to find projects and especially ones made from wood.

Basic wood shelves are fairly easy to find secondhand. Finding the right size and look is where the search gets harder.

I had to come up with a creative solution for my bathroom. All the shelves I were finding had hearts carved out of the back. They reminded me more of a child’s room then a bathroom.

Savvy Towel Rack

My creative solution was to repurpose a paper towel holder into a shelf towel rack. I love working with wood so why not give it a try.

Look at that wooden handle! Doesn’t it just say hang a towel over me?

DIY Towel Rack!

I don’t have a before picture but decided to share this idea with you anyway. Hopefully it will inspire you to create something you had not yet thought of.

Side View

I loved the idea of the handled dowel for holding a towel.

Half a dozen times I carried my towel holder in and out of my bathroom.

See the curvy shape of the wood under the shelf? That was the back of the towel holder. It had me so stumped! My vision was the curvy wood attached the the wall.

I knew that I needed to add a shelf. The inspiration was not showing it’s self to me.

I finally came up with a plan!

By holding a piece of wood across the curved piece of wood, I could now see where I was going wrong. The project now made sense to me.

Some craft projects are much more obvious then others. Don’t give up on a project, put it away and rethink it on another day!

The curvy shape of the wood was challenging

Underside towel rack

When I brought home this paper towel holder it was covered with a heavy dark lacquered walnut finish.

I sanded off the finish and added the piece of pallet wood across the top. This hid the curvy shape and left me with a perfect sized shelf.

Next I added trim piece’s under the shelf and across the side and front. It hide the shape of the wood underneath.

I added the hooks to the side. The side was the original bottom of the stand. On the back of my trim piece, surrounding the shelf are my sawtooth picture holders.

The final project turned out great!

Fitting a shelf into my bathroom was a successful project. Small or large, a shelf adds useful storage.