Vintage Jewelry Box to Essential Oil Storage

Vintage Jewelry Box is recycled into beautiful essential oil storage

Great storage idea for essential oils made from a vintage jewelry box

This Vintage Jewelry Box is one of my favorites. It was a great thrift store find that I was lucky to score. I sanded and painted it with no idea how I would end up turning it into something useful. The idea finally came to me as I was trying to decide what to use for essential oil storage. The inside of the box was large and open. All that it needed was a few small shelves.

It drives me crazy that I don’t have before pictures of this Vintage Jewelry Box to show you. I took tons of pictures before and during repurposing it. Here’s the problem. My phone kept running out of storage. To bad I hadn’t learned about cloud storage before I deleted so many pictures. Ugg… better late then never!

Perfect essential oil storage made from a vintage jewelry box

This lovely box was a light golden brown when I first brought it home. All of the tiny hardware was removed. Next I sanded and painted it. The inside had two circular vintage jewelry hooks behind each door and attached to the inside top. They were once used for hanging necklaces and other jewelry. The inside of the box was a large space.

To make the shelves, I started with a strip of poplar wood

If you look at the inside of the box you will see that I cut wood strips and glued them on the sides as a simple shelf support. When the glue became throughly dry, I added the first small shelf. I then layered another piece of wood on the inside walls to support my top shelf.

I now have custom sized essential oil shelves

Since I was using this for small glass bottles, I added a trim piece of wood on the front of each shelf. I decoupaged paper to the wood trim before I glued my wood strips in place.

I created these shelves using a hand saw with a miter box. If you use a hand saw for small projects, beeswax rubbed onto the blade helps it glide better through the wood.

This large size jewelry box has been fitted with shelves to hold essential oils

One of my front handles broke when I removed it for painting

I was lucky that I was able to glue it together with E6000 craft glue. Some handles are easier to remove then others. These were glued in place while other I have repurposed have had tiny screws. I began painting the handles on similar projects if they were hard to pull out.

The handles look like metal but the ones above are some type of a plastic or resin material. You can find replacement parts for vintage boxes on line if you end up needing one.

Vintage jewelry box upcycled into shelves for essential oils