Upcycled Wind Chime with Driftwood and Beads

Upcycled Seahorse wind chime for the garden

Wind Chime Seahorse

When your garden art falls apart, create an upcycled wind chime.

Weather can be harsh on garden decorations that stay outside all year long. I’m guessing you may also have outdoor items that are a few years old and showing some wear.

Repurpose Wind Chimes & Yard Art that have been broken or faded from the sun.

I love a rusty shabby chic look but there is a big difference in how we really interpret what is charming and what is faded and falling apart. To me, rusty springs in garden art looks great but faded and falling apart signs and chimes are in desperate need of an uplift!

Upcycle and create something new!

One day my husband walked our once cute beachy seahorse garden art into the house and asked me if I would do something to fix it. The paint was chipped off and the string had dissolved. It was a perfect item to upcycle into a pretty new wind chime.

Sad Seahorse

My worn out seahorse came from the Birch Aquarium at Scripps in San Diego County. It was a cute garden decoration that was full of memories from the years we lived in Oceanside, Ca..

Wind chimes of any kind add a ton of whimsical charm to most any garden area. A collection of them brings beautiful, peaceful sounds to your outdoor space.

Time to repurpose the Seahorse

This project is simple and I hope it sparks your imagination as to what you may have sitting around needed a new life! Find something fun to replace the seahorse, grab a branch or piece driftwood. Dig through old beads or broken jewelry and follow along!

Assembling a Wind Chime is a simple

Chippy Seahorse- This wind chime recreation needed sandpaper and paint

The seahorse is made from a molded resin material. The first thing I did was brush at the old chippy paint with a toothbrush. I sanded till the loose paint was gone and it was smooth enough to add an even layer of paint.

Seahorse - All Purpose Paint was used in this upcycle project

Choosing a new color for my project

It was hard for me to vision this little faded, white, whimsical guy in another color. I love soft calming ocean colors inside my home. But this was a garden project so I choose a pretty bright shade of blue.

I used a multi-surface satin acrylic paint for indoor/outdoor use. This little project took three layers of paint to get a nice finish and hide all the color variations shown above.

Seahorse & Upcycled materials 
Gathering beads and accessories for a wind chime

Dig through your craft stash

I knew that I wanted to use a piece of driftwood for this project. This was originally just the one hanging string. The seahorse was large so I expanded around it on the sides.

A good way to go about an upcycle project is to just start pulling items together. Digging through my junk bead collection I pulled out an assortment of things. I used hemp cording for the string since it will hold up well in all kinds of weather. At least for a few years.

Seahorse - How to make an upcycled wind chime

Start laying beads and any items out on a table or piece of fabric. I like some kind of a balance, but I have seen many hanging beaded designs that are random and beautiful.

As I placed my beads on the strings, I did end up removing a few of the items shown above.

This project was easy to assemble. I used a drill to put three holes into the driftwood. Beads stay in place with small knots tied into the hemp cording. And just for fun, I love the keys hanging at the end. They worked well in this project since the beaded strings needed additional weight.

Seahorse wind chime – all beautiful again!

Upcycled Wind Chime made from resin seahorse

The only items I purchased were two small bottles of paint. I love the way my DIY project turned out. Upcycling is extremely budget friendly when one shops in their own craft room!