Wrap bracelet and things I learned creating it

Wrap bracelet on denim

Pictured above is the first wrap bracelet I created. Maybe what I should really explain is it’s more like my third. The first two I took apart. I don’t mind taking something apart and starting over. That’s how being creative works. You find out what works and what doesn’t as you bring your ideas to life.

First selection of beads for a wrap bracelet

bead tray

When I first pictured making a wrap bracelet, my instinct was that the cording should be made of leather. Off I went to the local craft store to collect some goodies. The bead selection seems to always be wiped out. I purchased the blue/black beads and some cording. I headed home to dig through the balance of beads in my craft supply to see what I could put together.

my first attempt at making a wrap bracelet

Once I wrapped the bracelet around my wrist, I didn’t like the result. I had no desire to wear it out of the house therefore I took it apart to start over.

reasons i didn’t like my bracelet

The leather made the bracelet big and bulky on my small wrist. It twisted and did not hold the beads uniformly in place. I will try the leather again, but on a bracelet with fewer wraps.

I did some research and found that I should of stretched the leather first. This would of made a big difference on the way the bracelet wrapped against my skin.

I didn’t choose a bead that that was right for my project. I used a size 6 round bead. The size worked, but the shape of the bead didn’t. My string was pulled tightly yet the bead had to much movement in the finished bracelet. A round bead in a size smaller would of worked fine.

Second wrap bracelet and what went wrong

My personal bead supply was lacking for a project that needed a large amount of matching and coordinating beads. I pulled together some pink, purple and black beads that were all close in size. Wouldn’t they be cute wrapped in hemp cord with hemp thread?

One problem..look at the tiny holes in my beads! What was I thinking? The thin hemp was much to thick to be used as thread. Just another stumbling block!

I took my hemp cording and tried the black thread from the first project. Hated it! Not a pretty combination at all. The black thread showing through the semi translucent beads wasn’t working for me!

Another lesson of what doesn’t work!

pink beads

One more attempt to create a bracelet

I was going to make a wrap bracelet no matter how many times I messed it up. One more time I rummaged through the beads I had at home. I gathered another group that looked nice together. I would give the hemp cording another try.

Back to the craft store looking for thread. I purchased the thinnest crochet cotton I could find and a packet of silver beads.

The cotton thread was first pulled across a piece of beeswax. It made it easier to work such a long thread while stitching the beads to the cord.

My largest beads pictured below are a size 6 facet bead. The shape makes them smaller then the original round beads I used. It allows them to hold together tighter side by side on the long bracelet.

green beads in tray

Finally success!

My wrap bracelet turned out great. I’ll be on the hunt for small beads and some fun vintage buttons to do this again. The next one will be even better!

A lot of mistakes were made on this project, but that’s ok. I learned so much from all the trial and error. Next time I make a wrap bracelet the learning curve will be behind me.

Pretty wrap bracelet

The wrapping technique is simple

I started with placing the button in the center and just folding my cord in half. Make sure to leave your cording longer then you thing you need. It will take extra length to tie off your buttonhole at the end of the project. The thread is held in place by running it through the button and can also be wrapped around the cording. Pull the cording tightly between each added bead.

At some point during my trial and error, I tried my wrap stitch with the round beads using the hemp cording. After a few inches of wrapping the beads, I knew I needed to find a different use for them.

Wrap bracelet instructions

A few more tips.

Start and end with a smaller size bead.

You will need a way to hold your project tight as you add beads. I used a clip board.

Wind additional thread to the beginning and end of the bracelet.

When your project is complete, add E-6000 or other craft glue to the ends of your thread before you cut it off.

If this is a gift and you are unsure of the perfect size, knot an additional button hole at the end.

Don’t hesitate to redo a project till you get it right!